About Us

About Us

High Rise Promotions’ Co-Founder, Amy Dix bought a franchise at the age of 30 and thought…this will be EASY! Franchises already have an established brand. This franchise may have had a logo and a website and a few locations, but they were far from being a successful brand. The problem was that this franchise just did not know who they truly were and how to connect with their clients.

When she realized the weakness, and knew she did not have any control over that weakness, she decided she would start her own company and build a brand she always envisioned.

She partnered with Robert Eckhardt, who has an incredible ability to view brands from a customer perspective. Together, they discovered what so many Entrepreneurs and Business Owners only wished they knew in the beginning…how to build a profitable brand that turns your clients into ambassadors!

Backed by the research of brand archetypes, High Rise Promotions now uses this psychology to help people create a brand or companies rebrand in order to expand their marketing footprint and create massive profits through their archetypal image.

The results are nothing short of amazing! Whether you are an Entrepreneur needing to build a brand, or a Business Owner that needs to explode your sales with your clients, High Rise Promotions will change the way you think about a “brand.”